Aroma marketing or olfactory marketing consists of diffusing a pleasant scent, fragrance, perfume or aroma that not only creates a pleasant environment but also influences customer decisions in-store. How do we do this?

    We go beyond regular ambient scenting in the retail space Our scents can be customized to suit your exact needs. Freshly baked bread? The smell of french fries? All possible! A perfect idea for outlets looking to whet customers' appetites.

    We provide high end bluetooth powered scent diffusers suitable for both standalone units or AHU based units. Our scent diffusers can be timed and controlled accurately from a single mobile device.

  • Scent Your Identity

    We spend so much time, money, and energy on crafting logos, coming up with colour palettes and picking our music but scent is what really brings all that together in perfect harmony.

    It’s almost like your logo...in air.

Keen to enhance the customer's in-premise experience that goes beyond just an excellent product or customer service? With scent, take your customer journey to a whole new level. Click Learn More below to find out how you can do this!