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    Other Services

    Our reach does not just stop at sensory experiences of our customers. We understand that business processes as well as efficiency and safety are of key importance to our customers too. Hence, our venturing into a field of added value services!

    • HUman resource solutions

      We provide innovative time sheet monitoring tools that are able to tell you exactly how many resources are needed at any given time instead of manual estimates that can result in cost wastage.

    • disinfection

      In light of the recent pandemic,safety is at the front of all industries. To support this, we present a range of disinfection solutions for our trusted customers.

    • energy efficiency

      Our F&B clients benefit the most from this feature. Our sensor enabled energy efficiency solutions automate the power usage of devices within your premise in order to prevent wastage of energy during non peak hours.

    • brand consultancy

      Not sure what's right for your brand? Wanting to incorporate sensory marketing but need some guidance on where to start? We provide consultancy services to help discover exactly what your brand needs!

Are you looking for a different approach to incorporating innovations within your brand? Is efficiency and safety a priority within your company's sphere? Speak with us to learn more!