About us

our story

Every customer experience contains attributes that are both conscious - the rationale and quantifiable part of the experience - and subconscious. Both of these can evoke emotions. The subconscious experience is as powerful and important as the conscious one.

 Most organizations provide both these experiences, however they are not in control of the subconscious aspect. The lack of attention to these critical areas means that the overall experience becomes confusing, creates lost opportunities, and drives complains due to poor customer experience.

what we do

In order to bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious within consumers, we offer more than just background music, scent fragrance, smart digital signage, in-store radio advertising and HR solutions. 

USEA Global - a USEN - Next subsidiary, specializes in Asian consumer psychology and in-store operations dynamics. Currently, we proudly service up to more than 750,000 outlets globally in various industries including food and beverage, hospitality, retail and many more.