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We design effective Omnichannel Retail Experiences centered around customers' consciousness and subconsciousness in a way that augments and communicates your unique brand story.


USEA Global is a subsidiary of USEN – Next Holdings, a publicly listed company that specialises in cutting-edge retail strategies designed for retailers to achieve Revenue Growth & Long-Term Business Stability.

Currently, we proudly service up to more than 750,000 outlets globally in various industries including food and beverage, hospitality, retail and many more.

Tailored to Your Needs

It is important to understand your unique customer needs and retail challenges before offering a customised strategic plan that aligns with your brand identity

Advanced Expertise in Retail

Partnering with 10 other leading companies, we provide solutions to the biggest areas of retail, giving you access to a wealth of experience and capabilities.

Easy Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Catch the biggest opportunities with access to advanced technologies in retail and stay at the forefront of your industry.



Connected Omni-Channel Retail Experience (CORE) by USEA Global represents the next stage of retail where we provide tools for every retail need - from your store’s sensory marketing experience to your HR needs, to create the optimal omni-channel experience that resonates with your audience, starting with sight, scent and sound.

Sensory marketing leverages the power of our senses to build an optimal retail experience. In this digital age, consumers are constantly bombarded with information from virtually every direction and holding their attention has become increasingly difficult. However, with sensory experience marketing, retailers are able to appeal to consumers’ primal senses and capture their attention on a subconscious level, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience.

Creating a sensory experience that reflects your brand is a great way to engage consumers who walk into your store. Curating the right visuals, playlists, and ambient scents will allow you to communicate your brand messaging effortlessly to consumers. Having worked with countless brands to elevate their retail experience through multisensory marketing, USEA is one of the leading service providers in this space.

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Our senses are important determinants of purchasing decisions. When consumers dislike a store’s aesthetic or its ambient scent, they are likely to walk out of the store without buying anything. However, with the right sensory stimuli, consumers are drawn into the store and have a pleasant experience, which makes them more likely to purchase your products.

The Resonance of Sound in Business

The Resonance of Sound in Business

Sounds can serve as an anchor for emotions and memories. When you hear a song that’s special to you, you’re instantly transported back in time to the memory associated with that song.

Creating the right playlist for your store will not only enhance the retail experience for consumers, but also create subconscious associations to your brand. USEA Global can help you tailor the perfect soundscape for your retail environment to design an unforgettable shopping experience.

We customise unique playlists, voiceovers and jingles that will set your brand apart from the competition with help from our team of branding experts and content curators

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The Power of Sight in Sense Marketing

The Power of Sight in Sense Marketing

Humans are visual creatures. According to Forbes, 91% of consumers prefer visual content over plain text-based content. Leveraging the power of visuals to create the ultimate retail experience that piques consumer interest is key for the brands of today.


Consumers don’t just shop for products; they also shop for the experience. The aesthetic of a store plays an important role in shaping the retail experience. Knowing your target audience and developing an aesthetic that appeals to consumers is vital in ensuring the success of your business.

Our Digital Signage go beyond your run-off-the mill LED screens but include state of the art visual technology not easily seen anywhere else.

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Localizing Sensory Marketing Strategies

Localizing Sensory Marketing Strategies

Scent and taste are equally powerful senses that can evoke various emotions. For instance, the smell of one’s favourite perfume is sure to evoke excitement and happiness.

Ambient scents are a must for creating a pleasant retail experience that puts a smile on consumers’ faces. An enticing scent draws consumers in and becomes embedded as part of their memory of shopping at your store.

Skilled at tailoring sensory marketing strategies to local tastes, USEA specializes in creating the perfect olfactory experience for your consumers.

Ambient air scenting is about creating a distinctive olfactory atmosphere that has an emotional appeal to your shop, something that leaves an indelible mark on your customers even when they are at a far distance.

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A Supermarket and Convenience Store Conglomerate managed to increase their revenues when they understood how their customers were responding to their in-store messages and how to customise their content strategy for maximum results.


USEA Global leverages the senses – sight, hearing, and smell – to craft the perfect retail identity for your brand. Having worked with numerous renowned brands, we are a sensory marketing specialist in Malaysia with the expertise to curate the ideal shopping experience for your business. Harness the power of the senses with USEA Global and unlock a revolutionary retail experience today.