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Discover How Music Heals Horses at Singapore's Turf Club - from beats to bliss!

Written by Kimberly SanPublished 14 February 2024

Inside the Mind of Michael, the Trailblazing Trainer Revolutionizing Racehorse Training with Music and Sound in SEA

In a recent interview with Michael J. Clements, a seasoned horse trainer with 25 years of experience at the Singapore Turf Club, he revealed a unique and innovative method employed at his stables - the use of music as a form of therapy for horses. This groundbreaking approach, facilitated by USEA’s music platform, aimed to create a serene and calming environment for the equine athletes, ultimately enhancing their well-being and performance.

A Sudden Farewell to Singapore Turf Club

Michael began by sharing the abrupt closure of racing activities at the Singapore Turf Club, where he had dedicated 25 years of his career. The unexpected announcement left trainers, including Michael, disheartened and dissatisfied with the club's handling of the closure. In response to this unsettling development, Michael made the tough decision to close his business early, marking the end of an era in Singaporean horse racing.

The Birth of a Unique Therapeutic Approach

Amidst the challenges faced during this tumultuous period, Michael shed light on his unconventional method of using music as a therapeutic tool for his horses. Drawing inspiration from European trainers who implemented similar practices, he experimented with sound and music therapy to alleviate stress and promote relaxation among his equine companions.

"Trainers in Europe were doing this, notably, the best trainer in Europe. It was common knowledge that he played classical music to his horses every morning. So, I arranged for a couple of amplifiers and speaker systems and selected one of the Zen playlists to be played," shared Michael.

The Sound of Serenity: Zen Music for Equine Calm

Michael chose the calming tones of Zen music that was carefully curated by our team of music experts, setting a daily playlist from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. His decision was rooted in the belief that, like humans, horses could benefit from the soothing effects of music therapy.

"Of course, it's hard to quantify exactly what benefit it has on the horses, but any form of sound therapy for us is good. I felt it was something beneficial for the horses," Michael expressed based on his own personal experience with sound therapy.

A Calming Symphony for Racing Warriors

The therapeutic use of music extended beyond addressing the stress of races. Michael noted that, considering the confined stabling conditions and the inherently stressful nature of horse racing, the calming effects of the Zen music resonated with the horses during their downtime.

"I felt the horses were experiencing some sort of calming effect and they did seem quieter, calmer, happier," he observed.

The Unseen Impact on Performance

While acknowledging the difficulty of quantifying the direct impact of music therapy on racing performance, Michael shared his anecdotal observations. "I did see a benefit to their behaviors and temperament. If I were to train again, I would look at continuing with sound and music therapy.

Despite the inherent challenges in gauging the impact, Michael's successes as a trainer, including being crowned champion trainer in 2020, suggests a strong correlation between equine well-being and racing performance.

A Future Beyond Singapore

With the closure of the Singapore Turf Club, Michael provided insights into the future of horse racing in the Asia-Pacific region. While acknowledging the challenges, he highlighted opportunities for integration, collaboration, and diversification to ensure the sustainability and growth of the sport.

"In the future, I think there's definitely room for more development of horse racing in Asia and it would benefit from being integrated with other industries, not just a stand-alone sport" suggested Michael.

As Michael bids farewell to the Singapore Turf Club, his legacy includes not only achievements in horse racing but also a pioneering approach to equine well-being through the therapeutic use of music. The harmonious blend of technology and compassion showcased by USEA's sound therapy resonates as a testament to the continuous evolution of horse training practices.

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