Did you know background music has significant influence on customer behaviour and emotional reactions in store? We engineer that same behaviour and emotional response into ensuring beneficial results to our brands.

    We're equipped with all your hardware needs for an in-store background music system as well as provide CAPEX - co sharing plans with our clients for a more rewarding experience

    We handle all music licensing globally, so that customers can focus on what they do best. Our software is patented allowing for music stream to be pushed across stores targeting different moods, settings or even clientele.

    If you're interested in a voiceover, jingle, or even a customized playlist for your brand, click on the relevant links below to submit your request/s. Please allow up to 3 working days for our team to get back to you.

  • music to your ears

    Installation is 1-time and hassle-free. We provide offsite and onsite technical support provided by our team of service engineers. We also have the ability to design content and networks that make sense for clients and their customers.

    Over 300,000 tracks of any genre along with dedicated playlist recommendations and consultancy from our team of more than 100 content curators

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