• going beyond

    other industries

    Beyond retail, food and beverage and hospitality, we also tap into day to day commercial services by helping to elevate otherwise mundane. day to day experiences.

    From petrol stations, banking and financial services, corporate offices up to educational institutions - we have something in store for everyone! Nothing is one size fits all and we're always looking to come up with the best solutions for our customers' needs!


    The appropriate use of music, scent and messages can improve your customer wait times and enhance the overall customer experience at your facility especially for privilege banking customers. 

    Repeat visits and referrals are a definite occurrence with the right ambience.


    Maximize work productivity with positive mental stimulation in a sound environment. Improve the moods of the office as people spend a third of their day in your facility. Influence work cultures. There is more than what you think soundscape can do for you in an office area. Our patented technology allows the following: 

    • Improve productivity
    • Back audio technology
    • Psych-up concentration levels


    Effective design of audio signatures will be able to trigger human brainwaves. Ignite and implore the maximum potential of your learners as well as improve focal ability and quality of work.

Do any of the industries above ring a bell or perhaps resonate with yours? Or maybe, your industry isn't listed up here but you're still curious to know if we could be of service? Worry not, click the button below and give us a shout!