• complement the dining experience

    food and beverage

    Complement the taste buds of your customers. There is more than just the taste alone. Ignite their others senses. When strategic sound strategy is combined with digital visuals, you can point them towards ordering the 'most profitable margin' foods on menu.

    Talk to us about proven case studies stimulating F&B sales by 24% (*in just 2 months) and cutting music licensing costs by up to 60%.

  • serenading tastebuds

    Would you like diners to relax, take their time and enjoy your establishment at their leisure? Or is a high paced cafe with to go orders more in line with your business ideas?

    From fast food outlets to fine dining establishments, we have the perfect playlist for you. 


    The smell of freshly baked bread when you walk by a bakery. Or the whoosh of coffee that hits your senses when entering your local coffee joint. 

    Did you know that 78% of our memory is associated with the sense of smell? How about making your brand a scent-sationally memorable one!


    Looking to do away with old fashioned hand held menus, and perhaps something more personalized to your favourite patrons?

    How do interactive menus that identify return customers, subsequently recommending them the best options, sound? The possibilities are limitless with our in-store digital signage!

Planning to breathe a breath of fresh air into your food and beverage business? We're at your service and ready to create happy smiles and full tummies!